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For me, when our daughter lived with my ex I paid on time, if not early every single time.
2.5 years ago, custody changed and no order for support was drawn up. in January on a settlement conference we settled the case and my ex and I agreed to a lower amount of CS monthly so that I didn't have to fight. I filed with FRO because I knew she would never pay. To date she has not paid, FRO has a federal garnishment which means that I get bits and pieces of money here and there, nothing close to the amount of CS that is ordered. I found out that Ontario Works (welfare) and Disability are not garnished from FRO, they can take everything else but not those 2. So while she goes further into debt each month, I do not have to chase her around for it. I had a good laugh with the worker as after our daughter finishes school if my ex does not pay she will still owe that debt, and if she stays on Ontario Works or disability they probably will not be able to collect until my ex goes to collect old age pension, so fingers crossed that we both make it that long. Might make for a good downpayment for our daughter to buy a house lol.
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