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I disclosed my financials as per my final court order and asked for some in return. We were supposed to do it during COVID but I put it off.

I sent the Form 20 dated September 1 2005 and asked for financial documents required by section 21(1) of the Guidelines and other information we were required to change the support amounts.
We are supposed to exchange CCB information too.

The other lawyer said "no":
"Form only applies to CAS matters as per Rule 20(3)(b) of the Family Law Rules." they also said the file is closed and so he will not be giving you any disclosure.

I have the forms I need to change support: Form 15, 15A, 35.1, 13.
BUT I don't have the information for exchange in the court order.

So I have to file a Motion to Change and start a whole new thing?
Or do I just file a Motion to obtain the required documents.
What is the deal with form 20?
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