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ooff. this is sounding so much like a "proud boys" moment.

I disagree 100% with the OP. I don't think men are discriminated against. I'm not going to go into detail- but I think most of what you've posted is gross.

HOWEVER- I do think that we have been failing boys and men in one major way- we (society) have not really held space or allowed the role of men to change. Women's role in western society has change vastly in the last century. We are the breadwinners, the income earners, we represent more than 50% of first year law students in Canada (marginally). As a woman- society doesn't blink now that I'm single and have a kid, occupy the middle class, all on my own. Women are encouraged in many ways to occupy our new roles as more than just being a wife and mother.

I don't see the same thing for men. What are men's roles in modern marriage and the new household? If you're not the breadwinner, or primary caregiver- what are you? We're not really supporting men in adjusting to the new I think it was inevitable that we would see this backlash- and want to return to the "glory days" of gender roles in relationships. "Bring back family values! Don't apologize for being a Man's Man!"....if we are going to get rid of toxic masculinity- then what do we teach boys now?
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