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Originally Posted by Newfie76 View Post
I enjoy reading the valid points the writer is making. Quite insulting to throw someone a “go get a therapist” comment just because you refuse to think men are abused.

I[emoji769]ve scars on the back of my head from my ex-wife‘s abuse. I think it[emoji769]s you who need to seek out guidance of a therapist and let those that use this form as a means of vent. The forum discussion is after all “political discussion”.... and not “you are crazy go seek help.... women are angels how dare you suggest anything other than that.

Hmmm however... as I said... you may be the one who needs to seek help. Female throwing insults online does line up with abuse. In my opinion as a online caring individual... I suggest that you seek help to become a more gentle and caring individual and leave those that have been broken space to heal.

This poster has started multiple threads on the same topic. After he was advised to focus on his criminal charges before pushing for decisions in family court. He can keep his ongoing points in the same thread he started first since they are all on topic.

As for recommending therapy...based on his continued anger and frustration it would be a benefit to him. My husband endured 20 years of emotional abuse and I recommended therapy to him too. He went and it helped him overcome the PTSD he had developed from a traumatic injury and the ensuing divorce. I dont take anyones abuse lightly. I point it out to this poster because of his ongoing focus on something he is currently in court for. When his criminal case is over and he is vindicated then he can post away about false allegations and the harm that came to him.

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