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Thank you so much for your response, it helps me greatly. I will see what happens tomorrow at the meeting and take it from there then. Good to know that I will not have to agree to anything on the spot. Just wondering, why is the CLO’s disclosure of out daughter’s voice not done in writing? We had the second hearing of the access motion in July, and the CLO has then provided a written statement of her first interview with our daughter. Why couldn’t the CLO do same for the disclosure meeting? It would make it so much easier to take a written report to a counsel, rather than me taking notes and possibly it capturing everything.

Also, the 3 hr supervised visits were endorsed pre Covid. During Covid, the father downplayed and mocked the pandemic and social distancing measures so the judge ordered him and our daughter to social distance from one another. He also lied about where he lives and who he lives with, which was a concern to the judge so the judge in July maintained the same 3 hr supervised visits it now with social distancing. Now with cold weather coming, 3 hr visits outdoors are not realistic. Would I have to go through a motion to change them? Or through mutual consent is possible, if the other party agrees?
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