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Default Disclosure meeting with children’s lawyer

What can be expected at a disclosure meeting with the children’s lawyer? Will there be anything negotiated? Can the opposite side put pressure for me to agree to something?

My ex has supervised access, 3hrs per week, supervised by a mutual friend endorsed by a judge during an access motion. We have the disclosure meeting tomorrow with CLO. Meeting should have taken place this morning but ex has retained a lawyer just this morning, so the meeting has been adjourned. I am unrepresented due to financial reasons, as I cannot afford a lawyer. Is it important to have legal representation during the disclosure meeting with CLO or could I navigate the meeting without a lawyer and maybe retain one later on.

CLO was appointed at my request. We had a case conference a year ago, and two motions settled, his for access and my cross motion for child support.

I have been able to navigate the process so far, and was successful in imputing income to my ex, since he lies about his self-employment income (lies that it’s under $5000), I asked the judge to impute minimum wage income, and he has imputed, so I started receiving table amounts.

I ask how important it is to have a lawyer at the CLO disclosure meeting because I am scared of the potential pressures of the ex’s new lawyer. I do not know what I could be pressured to do by the ex’s lawyer.
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