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Default Vaccinations for my kids

Hi everyone.

I share custody of my 2 kids (8 girl/6 boy). They have not been vaccinated and I would like them to get vaccinated. My ex is strongly against vaccinations, yet she believes in garlic pills and non-proven medicines.

At school, we had filled out the form for the exemption so that they could go to school. However, neither of us went to the required info session required for approval. Now the school has come back and asked us to redo the forms.

I have always wanted to get the kids vaccinated, but couldn't because I didn't want to argue with the ex because it was like talking to a wall about science and i was wasting my breath and energy.

Now that we are divorced, I want to vaccinate but I can't unilaterally do it. Can the government help me force vaccination if one parent agrees. As it's in the best interest of the kids and the public. There seems to be a reported case of measles popping up every year and it's just a matter of time before we get hit in Toronto.

My fear is the kids getting exposed and exposing other kids. Also if there is a outbreak at school, they will be sent home until the school is cleared which could be weeks. In so many ways, it is so wrong.

Is there any precedences or does this have to go to court.

Anyone have experience with this?

thanks again.
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