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Default Wow... Alberta...

Wow... Found a paper from UofA discussing the fact that only in very rare instances will they use the date of seperation. In fact their have only been three that the paper references since 2005.

Thank-you for the information... I had not realized Alberta was different from other provinces...

I guess I can hold onto the remote hope that my situation is different from other peoples.. The house was not in place when we seperated.. We never lived in it as a family.. and it was not available to live in until several months of hard work from family and friends to help the kids and I get it ready to move in..

It seems like it would be unfair to have to pay half of todays value.. which is 57,000 more than the value at time of seperation.... That is 28k the children and I do not have, and I am not eligible to borrow any more money.. At least not from the bank.. Any millionaires on this forum who would like to spot me 28k ;-) ?