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The CSG's and the courts can't flat out say that he has to pay for child care in all circumstances, because if a parent is available to care for the child, then the child care isn't necessary.

If he was free during the day, he would have good reason to say he could be caring for the child. The guidelines and the courts wouldn't support you there.

That wouldn't be the case, probably. But you are asking for a black and white answer, and the guidelines won't give you that. He has to pay for necessary care, but care wouldn't be necessary if he was available.

In a reasonable arrangement, he should be able to expect that you let him know ahead of time and discuss the cost so that he can make his own fiancial plans. He should also have the option of suggesting alternatives, like a different daycare that costs less (as long as it is good quality care). There's nothing wrong with him having that imput.

But no, he doesn't have the right to stop you from putting the child in daycare if he can't provide care, and you are going to school or working.