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For the evening care while you take a class, he should have "right of first refusal" meaning he can take care of the child if he's available. We had this written into our agreement, it is perfectly reasonable and fair, and the courts would go this way if you tried to challenge it.

Judges are pretty predictable in that they will go with leaving a child with a parent if it works easily. This is classic "best interests of the child".

During the day (future employment) I presume he works too so he doesn't get that option. He has no choice or arguement,, 7. (1) is absolutely clear. But it doesn't seem from his email that he is arguing this, he just arguing for a couple of evenings a week when you have class.

He is offering to swap evenings which is plenty fair and amicable.

I would say that first, the law backs you up for daytime care, and secondly, he doesn't indicate a problem with this, he is offering evening care.