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Default School Photo Fun

I got a very good laugh this morning from Mother Dearest...
So our daughter is in Grade 1 this year. For both Junior and Senior Kindergarden I was never told about when photo orders are due and all that stuff, so I went and got them through the company that does it directly. I always asked her about the orders to see if she would work with me anyways but knew she wouldn't. Email today states that school picture orders are due Monday, so if I want I can get 1 5x7 photo if I give her $20 today. This seemed a little steep to me, so I checked the website and for $13 I can order 2 5x7s or for $20 I can get a bunch of 3.5x5s and 2.5x3.5s

Gotta love my ex, I emailed her back stating this with a link to the website. At least she brought a smile to my face.
We are doing family portraits this year with my brother and sister, so we are going to get ones of the nieces and nephews as well instead.
Have a great Friday everyone