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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Have you thought about a blanket rotation as you have 3 children. Where by you claim for all odd years and she claims for all even years? Those are usually easier agreements for the CRA to deal with and in fact, if written properly in a letter they will just apply the formula themselves as it is what they generally recommend in 50-50 (60-40) access arrangements. If you had an even number of children you just split the children down the middle and rotate who claims what child each year.
I am registered for all 3 kids as shared for CCTB and HST - so that is being handled fine.

As for the dependent claim and other tax claims such as child fitness etc, we have agreed that I get the youngest and she gets the two older ones - it will work out as they older ones leave. I claim the youngest as a dependent (denied!) and she claims the other two (accepted!).

Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
The CRA will just deny both parent's claims until something is done. If you filed claiming all children as dependants and their mother does. Neither of you will get to claim them until something is agreed upon or presented to CRA that is easy to understand and works.
We do have it worked out and I have seen her returns to verify, yet her dependent claim is accepted and mine denied presumably because I pay CS - but my receipts, my SA, which are filed with CRA state offset method, and the fact that I received CCTB as shared custody etc.

So I have to appeal. It is so obvious that this CRA paragraph applies to and is specifically intended for my situation, but they won't accept it!!:

If you and another person were required to make support payments for the child for 2011 and, as a result, no one would be entitled to claim the amount for an eligible dependant for the child, you can still claim this amount provided you and the other person(s) paying support agree that you will be the one making the claim. If you cannot agree on who will claim this amount for the child, neither of you can make the claim.