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Originally Posted by Islandmom View Post
Thank you Rockscan for your response.
I am about 18 months out from finishing a PhD. I[emoji769]ve done 2 degrees since having my first in 2006. I never wanted to just be at home and my plan was always to start working more and more once the kids were a little older. 4 kids is busy and right now working wouldn[emoji769]t be possible - though that changes on a yearly basis. I do plan to work. S7 expenses are 140K per year. I have some significant health challenges - physical injuries from abuse and that is being dealt with as a civil matter.
You[emoji769]re right - neither one of us can afford to live in the home - it[emoji769]s worth 8 mil and neither one of us can afford to buy the other out. I[emoji769]ve been told that SS will be 17 years - he may offer a settlement. CS seems easy it[emoji769]s a simple table. I am not interested in anything more than 50 percent CS. I don[emoji769]t think he will be able to do 50/50 - his job is demanding and I don[emoji769]t want to punish him for working. I think extra weekends and extra vacation time will help to equalize?

We both have lawyers. Though it[emoji769]s really slow moving.

I am working very hard at learning to work with him. He has hurt me so much, but he is a good dad. I have a serious anxiety response to him but I[emoji769]m learning to manage that.

Good for you!! A PhD is nothing to sneeze and you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

In that case the abuse matters related to health issues. That should be considered in any agreement.

Getting on with your life and taking back control of your path will go a long way to dealing with your anxiety.
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