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Originally Posted by Mommy2 View Post
Just wondering what everyone dose in the summer?

One week on, one week off?

Summer camps?

Keep the "normal" schedule in place?...

...So far we keep the regular schedule in place as both parents work, the children may go to camp, and it is the parents responsibility to get them to camp if it is their day. Other than that they are in child care. Each parent gets one week in each month for vacation time.
Seems entirely specific to each couple of seperated parents. Anything is fine, if it works out for both parents.

Regular schedule continuing (outside of the vacation time) seems appropriate, especially since both parents work in your situation.

It seems pretty common with people's vacation time clauses, in orders, is no more than 2 weeks consequitive. Gives one enough time to go away somewhere for vacation, but it's not too long, that you're away on vacation.

In most cases, it's not like kids are cut off from the other parent entirely, during vacation time (at least with reasonable parents). Little Billy, can always call the other parent, to let them know they are having fun, or what cool thing they are doing on vacation.
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