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Originally Posted by rr3id.75 View Post
I will go buy a recorder immediately,
i guess just keep it in my pocket it and start it when she starts arguing?
You keep it on at all times when you are around her. You never know when an argument might break out, and you don't want her seeing you reach into your pocket. Also, recordings of fights are less useful if you don't know what happened beforehand. She could accuse you of having provoked her and THEN started recording.

Download the recordings regularly to a computer she has no access to.

Originally Posted by rr3id.75 View Post
I'd also like to ask questions about support my wife has a bad drinking problem, and she has severe emotional issues, i feel that the best interest of my son would be to seek sole custody until these issues are resolved
Sole custody is pretty drastic, and is usually forever. I think what you want is to have most of the access/parenting time to start with. She may recognize that she's not the best parent and agree with you, or (far more likely) she will retaliate at the perception that you want to take away her child and fight back hard.

As for more general advice, start taking steps to protect yourself. Search here for "The List" which is a website full of info for what to do when a separation is pending and one partner is anticipated to be high-conflict. Unfortunately, women have some very dirty tricks in their arsenal, and you will need to protect yourself.

If money is an issue, take steps to curb her spending. Put your own paycheck into an account she can't access, and lower the limits or freeze joint credit cards, etc. At this point it isn't for separation (although it might kick start her) it's just in response to her irresponsibility.
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