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Default Temporary change in income - Disability

I pay CS and SS, three children, with offset based on Mom's income. I have been on disability leave for four months, at 100% of salary. After four months, it decreases to 66.6%, and after six months decreases to 50%. I do not have an anticipated return to work date though 2-4 months is probable. My doctor and the insurance company have supported the leave. It will be a hardship for me to continue to pay based on my full salary (I don't mean hardship in terms of legally being relieved of paying, just that it would leave me little to live on.)

I want to file a Motion for Change to reduce CS and SS based on my new reduced salary.

1. Given the unknown but potentially short-term duration of the change, would a court even entertain the Motion?

2. Could the new Order, if one is issued, anticipate the future change in income from 66.6% to 50%? Something like, if Payor is still on disability leave after the sixth month, the CS and SS will be revised as follows...

Your thoughts would be appreciated. I don't want to go on a fool's errand if the Motion wouldn't succeed, but if it has a chance it would help my financial position a lot.
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