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Originally Posted by Ihave2kidsIcannotsee View Post
From experience act quick on this access issue because the longer she has the kids and the less you get to see them their is the possibility that she will turn them against you and they will soon not want to see you. You must get the child support done first as this is what the court will want done first, then quickly get your access rights changed you need to act quickly I didn't and now I cannot see my children as she has turned them against me! I wish you all the best, it is not fun!

Yes this is so true and unfortunate...if during the time between and your court dare which I am a bit confused about how a case conference could be done with out a motion or application being served is mind boggling. Nevertheless if she continues to keep to the schedule and you ask for more access time with the child and it is refused right it down as stated before be as detailed as possible time date and conversation... even record the conversation if you need to. In court the judge will want to know why there is a refusal of more access just because she wants to refuse is not a reason and not in the best interest of the child. Shared custody will not be granted to parents that cannot coparent in the best interest of the children.