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Question Common-law separation agreement- spousal support- resources?

Hi there;

My common-law relationship of 6 years with no kids has dissolved. We are trying to do this amicably ( ). I currently live in a home owned by him but am moving out soon.

I have been living a lifestyle with no financial concerns and he is willing to pay me spousal support until a large loan that I currently have is paid off in 18 months. In effect, he will be paying my new rent until this time.

I have asked him to have this in writing, which he has agreed to, but I don't know where to start to come up with such a document and I want it to be somewhat legally binding. Can I take a stab at this myself (a witnessed document of course) or are there any resources or templates I could use? I can't seem to find anything myself.

Any help would be appreciated from anyone.