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Default Adult child/job loss

Well, I got laid off today, due to COVID. . Not too worried about it, Iím unionized and likely will be back in 6 months or so.

However, I just received a letter from support enforcement that my childís mother sent them a doctors note and I am now obligated to pay support starting from January 1st. I have received nothing from the mother. My child is an alcoholic and is currently living in a shelter. (She knows the option for her to live with us is there if she doesnít drink - I have a 7 year old)

The enforcement agency apparently has the right to simply take a note and determine entitlement? Reading through the google, I was under the impression that a judge would need to look at all the facts of the case and make a determination. Is she receiving government benefits, what is her treatment plan, is she following it, she sits in the shelter all day and drinks or does drugs. She was kicked out of her mothers house for drinking and causing damage. I am planning to file a motion requesting termination and at the very least more information about this disability that she is claiming my child has.

I have paid for 10 years, never missed a payment, I have over 30k saved up for her education, please donít think I just donít want to pay. I am not even telling my ex Iím laid off. If Iím still paying next year, it will be recalculated to the lower amount. If my wife doesnít get laid off today (she finds out in 3 hours...) we will be able to make this work.
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