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Originally Posted by iona6656 View Post
no uncloaking is allowed. lawyers are still bound by all professional ethics that we were before. our insurance does not allow us to give out advice willy-nilly.

but a support group is still a good idea. as is using this time to work on some coparenting strategies. HOWEVER - I do think it would be a bit counterproductive as we're facing times of extreme stress right now. people making decisions now could be doing it in clarity and reasonableness- OR they could be making poor communication decisions because of this stress. I wouldn't hold the other parent to it.

What I would suggest is to practice a bit more empathy to the other parent.
I am also a member of a professional body and by disclaimer can provide guidance in general terms pro bono and often do. I do not suggest giving advice as an advocate at all. More guidance than advice. Much if not all of what has been shared here by the "cloaked" has been extremely helpful. My suggestion for a support group would be more interactive than a blog or forum. A meeting place where people in need of guidance could go to check in and get what they need, moral support and relevant guidance. Not sympathy, not hand wringing, just some straight shooting and (sorry) empathetic space. This could include procedural, co-parenting, home schooling, financial, behavioural and other aspects. I am an experienced CA that found some advice here to be superb and am no expert in law but have some insight I hope.
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