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Default Revocable???

You can always revoke your permission. Just because you allowed her to live with you again and she has a peace bond doesn't mean you have to suffer through this any longer. I would reach out to your local courthouse victim assistance program and speak to them. Document each day and if it gets physical you should be going to the police with your evidence. if you have injuries get to your doctor for documentation. You could be faced with a situation whereby CAS may have to step in if you won't protect your kids from witnessing this. If your wife has already been through the court system for domestic violence and continues to be violent in the home with the kids then you have a duty to protect your children. Mental illness is tough and if she has good days its harder because you see both the good and bad in her. Is she on meds or in an outpatient program somewhere? Is her mental illness documented? You may want to speak to a lawyer first but quietly get your ducks in order before you pull the pin. If she doesn't work you will most likely have to support her with SS.
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