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Will I have to pay more CS?
What does your separation agreement say?

For lack of information, I will assume it says that the parties will exchanges notice of assessment by June 1 of each year and adjust child support by July 1 of each year using the offset method based upon their incomes for the previous year.

In which case - Yes.

if she was to quit working all together, how would that affect me?
There would likely be a disagreement on child support.

Specifically, she would seek full guideline support (there being no offsetting amount); you would seek to either impute income to her at the previous level, or to rely on s.9 which does not make full guideline mandatory (only very likely).

Of great significance would be the reason why she quit working. Losing her job because watching Price Is Right is more entertaining would favour your arguments, quitting because of health issues would favour hers.
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