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You need to be able to prove it, you can't just hurl accusations. Breaking a computer password is a criminal offence, but the police won't put any effort into investigating it, any more than they will will ticket you for not signaling a right hand turn 99% of the time unless they are in a bad mood.

You can file charges yourself with a justice of the peace but you need to have proof, and you need to be able show a case to the crown otherwise it will just be dismissed. She will claim that you sent her the emails out of a spiteful attempt to claim she broke into your email account.

dtte's comment about national security may seem harsh but it's true. The police would have to get a warrent and seize her harddrive and subpoena records from her isp. They might do this for a major drug dealer, they would do it for child porn, they would do it for terroism but they won't do it for a divorce case.