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The fact that he chose her over you would be enough for me. Age or not. There are plenty of things for people over 60 and you donít necessarily have to find a new husband to enjoy them. You should really be looking at this time to improve yourself. See a therapist. Enroll in free seniors activities in your town. Connect with friends. More than likely you are suffering from depression brought on by this situation. You would find talking to someone very helpful and may empower you to see just how toxic this man has been!

I was never more proud of my mom when she told my father right to his face that she would never consider taking him back after all of the damage he had done to her. She had been a stay at home mom and was trying to get back on her feet by going back to school and getting stronger. You are never too old for a fresh start or to cut ties to people who drag you down.

Donít waste this year waiting.
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