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No, I am not offended by the boy saying I am ugly or anything like that. I am upset when he taunts my son about his father dying and that is what upsets me. That my son is upset by this. I understand he is only a child and of course I have spoken with my son about compassion and understanding. Both are quite young and it is challenging for both to manage a situation that they are sorting out emotionally. It is just frustrating that this extra negativity is seems to be coming from mom and affecting their relationship.

They don't play video games a lot. They both mutually request it and we allow it as part of their own personal interaction time together. They bicker outside also when they are playing with the neighbourhood kids at the park etc. As someone said, we cannot manage moms behavior so we need to do what we can positively and constructively when we have him for our time with him. I just worry that she is trying to find excuses from having their son come to us and using whatever she can as an excuse.

- Mary

If you are getting offended by an 6-year old, that's an issue with you, not with the 6-year old. You are the adult, and the kid is facing a stressful situation. You don't get to have hurt feelings here.

If your son is getting offended, let him know that other kid is going through a stressful change, and that he is little and doesn't mean what he says. Your son has had stability and consistent messaging his whole life. Think of this as a good teaching experience for your son: a time to develop empathy for others who may not be in the same situation as you.[/QUOTE]
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