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I think that is a pretty normal reaction, regret. I am so embarrassed to say I was married to ex. And looking back I did distance myself from a lot of people and we had no couple friends and that was because his behaviour is embarrassing g. I started distancing myself when we were dating. Can there be a bigger red flag? And yet Marry him I did anyways. What helps me to cope
With those feelings is that I do not regret my glisten I. Any way they are my focus and the most important part of my life and they would
Not be exactly who thy are without me having married the person I did. They are their own unique blend of our genetics and that I donít regret.

Once I. Your own place it will probably feel good , will feel like your own space. I would
Gladly get rid of my house and all itís bad memories but I need to stay so my kids can stay in the house they know, until they are grown up. I am trying to make changes to make it my own space as finances allow, like moving furniture around and changing some rooms.
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