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Originally Posted by kate331 View Post
I feel your pain! My ex is happy to hide behind the woe is me, my ex is a pycho bitch, alienator and Fathers are doomed in court. Meanwhile I had to take him to court to get his access increased because he only wanted 2 nights a month and I was really struggling caring for them on my own. And it was like pulling teeth trying to get cs, before FRO was involved.

I dont think you can have legal custody of a 19 year old, they are an adult. Same with a 17 year old, by the time it gets to court that child will be an adult too.

I thought CAS's mandate were for children under the age of 16?

I dont think you can make it stop unless a Judge deems him a Vexatious Litigator. How many times has he filed a court action against you?
No he canít have legal custody. The judge reminded him of that yesterday. And yes CAS is out of the picture. They have been since his time was reduced and he kicked the kids out of his house. Vexatious litigator has a high bar to set but heís almost there. Iím going include during the process the request that he must petition the courts prior to reinitiating any further litigation with me in th future. But I need this garbage addressed first. Iím sorry you are going through this too.
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