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Default Child Support Guidelines Fairness - Quebec calculator

Hey Guys... so many times it is mentioned how the Federal Guidelines are not fair... There are many flaws with them and many people who have reviewed them agree that they need to take for example the income of the custodial parent and also recognize share custody situation even if they are not 40/60... Quebec has a way to calculate child support in a more transparent way for both the recipient and the payor and it does reduce the amount of support for cases where the non-custodial parent has custody more than 20% of the time but less than 40%

I know that it's a Quebec tool so it cannot be applied... but just run the numbers in there ... I think that the logic should be used by the federal guidelines also..

In our case.. as per the Federal Guidelines the CS is $14,388 annually (and it is based on the Payor living in Québec).. same custody scenario using the Quebec calculator... $10,579.60 a difference of $3,808.40 a year.. per month that is $317.36..
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