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Originally Posted by cashcow4ex View Post
Their differences in salary really is negligible for SS purposes. Their is about a $10k difference annually based on the OP's figures. I doubt SS would even be entertained.

My opinion is if he gives in and gives her all the equity of the house, that's just going to cue her to go for more.

I would tell this piece of work to sh#t in her own hands and clap!
I actually agree with this post. She's not going to get any SS over a 10K salary difference, especially if she's making a reasonable living wage...which she is. She has no argument for SS and bottom line, 45K is a significant sum of money and its yours. The house is simply put divided in half. I wouldn't negotiate any other way.

What she says or calls you is immaterial. You're getting divorced and she can be as hostile as she has zero to do with your split and I GUARANTEE you that you will regret not getting half the equity in your house at some point in your future.

Whether or not she can keep the house is her problem. She can figure out the refinancing after buying you out ...or not. What you should be doing is asking that she tries to get approved for refinancing and if she can't, that the house be sold and you split the proceeds.

As for the dog, I have pets and I love them very, very much. But the only way I'd truly fight over an animal is if I was concerned that she would neglect or abuse the animal. If not and the animal will have a good home with both of you, I'd make the concession to let her keep the dog and purchase a new one. To me, its not worth arguing about unless you're concerned for the dog's safety or emotional health. But ultimately, that's your call.

But the financial stuff is an easy decision to me. Take your half...ignore her and her lawyer...move on with life.
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