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We are currently waiting for our lawyer to make a proper Offer. We were furious with him when he sent the offer for my husband to review. In a nutshell, step son received $13,590 in scholarships, grants, bursaries and also 7,140 in an OSAP loan, for a total of $20,730 in funding. His tuition, residence, meal plan and books apparently came to a total of $19,480. The mother is also listing in her expenses brief, travel, entertainment , credit card amounts and her e-transfers and his entertainment money. If we took absolutely everything, except the 125/month cell phone bill, it comes to a total of approx. $26,000.
Here we are expecting that my husband's offer will be for the over payment of support (if it is determined that he shouldn't be paying full support while his son is living away) and that we would share the expenses 3 ways for what was not covered by "free funding" proportionately according to income. No, we were shocked for the lawyer we are paying for the last 8 months to tell us that my husbands share is $7,800 for 2017-2018 school year!! He says of course that is if we assume the child is paying 50% of the total cost of university.
No, we don't assume the child is doing that, we expect the free funding that he doesn't have to pay back to go towards the expenses, then whatever is left is split. How could he come up with that kind of number when the total out of pocket expenses were less than 10,000? Why would our lawyer think my husband should have to pay the entire OSAP loan plus more, meanwhile the mother and son would only have to pay from their incomes half of the remaining 485 bucks each? Is he out to lunch? My husbands income is approx. 56,000. Plus he still has his daughter to pay support for.
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