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I think much might depend upon which province you reside in. I believe (this is merely my opinion... based on not much) that Ontario has a significantly higher number of people on disability (ODSP?) as government perhaps wants to skew economic indicators? (unemployment). I gather that people can, indeed, get doctor's letters quite easily.

In Alberta this sort of thing would be scoffed at. Patient would require much more than the family physician's note and typically a second opinion/diagnosis would be required.

My ex has tried all sorts of medical reasons throughout his years of taking me to court. He has failed each and every time because a) he is healthy and b) he lacks appropriate documentation to support his claims.

Doctors don't have the time or interest to be called into court as expert witnesses. You have stress you go to a shrink and get your documentation for court. Even that isn't an easy thing to do. Courts would not view it as permanent anyhow.

I do agree with Rioe though - your ex wants to stay home/stress leave then he is better positioned to look after kids?

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