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Firstly, you admitted trying to get into it so you weren't completely lying about it. I guess you wanted kids if you were able to.

Secondly, people do many worse moral things to each other during the marriage and there is no financial penalty imposed. Also people justify their actions by blaming the other PARTY. Don't self impose anything. People sleep with the siblings of their spouse etc... and society (the courts) deems it irrelevant

Personally, I think you did the smartest thing ever. Having kids is a big responsibility and better to not pull the trigger if unsure than do it and fuck up lives...

In terms of your stbx, she will be fine dont worry. It's a woman's world between fertility treatments, desperate guys, adoption etc... She has lots of options. If she is half decent she will be getting banged in no time.

Don't think you wasted her time. You aren't just a sperm donor. You guys had good times I am sure and I am sure it enriched her life.

Also until you have a full separation agreement done don't give anything unless needed to close the deal. When sharks smell blood...

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