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Originally Posted by jays2017 View Post
- give you a bit of details of the situation
married 12 years and have a 9 year son ...i make the make 60000 a year
she makes 110000...we have lived in our house 10 years and the house is paid worth approx 950000...wife will be seeing a lawyer this week to get the seperation started and in 1 year divorce..same time i will see a lawyer in mississauga and talked about joint custody where we both find a place of our own, most likely a townhouse...
my question is will i get spousal support in my situation...and also child support..
- also yesterday mentioned about the spousal support and she freaked out saying i will get nothing and she will go for full custody if i go for spousal support

Spousal support, unlike child, is not mandatory. You not sick, not stay at home dad, you have a job now, you worked before. You have your share of equity. You will get no spousal support.
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