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check out the "with child" calclulator

Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

Much on determining eligibility of SS comes down to the discretion of the judge... unlike CS, SS is determined on an individual basis.

The longer you were married the more your two incomes merged together to establish standard of living. Of course, it goes without saying, when two people separate BOTH people lose standard of living unless you are wealthy. SS comes into play when one person is clearly disadvantaged by the end of the marriage.

So, for a couple with no children of the marriage, you split the assets/debts. The top end of SS would be 50% of difference of your gross income (1/2 of 50k difference would be 25k/year in SS).

You have to calculate, using the SSAG guidelines, what the calculation for SS is for with children. I believe the amount would be considerably less.

Your wife may THINK she can request and obtain sole custody and make you pay CS. It certainly isn't that simple (there are many threads on this forum where you can find out why).

So you go to your lawyer and cut him a retainer for a minimum of 5k. Your monthly bill of letter writing and you and him attending "case conferences" and "4-way meetings" will likely be well over 5k (monthly). Your wife will be looking at the same amount of money. So do the math. Is the amount you would hope to gain for time-limited SS (don't assume it will be indefinite unless you meet criteria) worth it in the end? You can look at the time limitations by reading up on "rule of 65." Basically you combine your age at time of separation with years married. If the number exceeds 65 then you may be entitled to indefinite SS. Be aware, however, that "indefinite" SS can amount to 100.00/month - nothing is guaranteed.

Lots for you to research unless you merely want to pay your lawyer to meet with you and explain everything to you (at 400.00/hr + I'd recommend you get up-to-speed).

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