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Default CS and SS combined with no cash pmts?

I'm going through a seperation and we have one 18 month old daughter between us.

I make 55k, and she used to make 12k per year, but is up to 20k now, since she's working full time. As per the CC chart, I'd pay her 460 and she should pay about 200$ per month. We have shared custody also.

She is making about 460$ from UCCB and other government benefits.

I am trying to do this without going to trial, or even saving mediation, but I also want to make this fair. So, curious to know what a judge could grant her.

Am I safe to say that I am "giving" her half the government payments, since she's claiming our daughter as a 100% dependant for 100% of the time?

Also, I should pay 66% of the shared or outstanding expenses.

Would it be a fair agreement to say that I will let her keep all of the UCCB, and pay all reasonable shared expenses.