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That is a tricky one dadtotheend.. I definitely do not think I should get more then I am entitled to..I am a pretty fair person. It was me who got the line of credit as agreed upon and I wholeheartingly let that money be used towards the renos on the house..thus raising its value as he did not have the funds to do so. I would be more then happy with what we first agreed upon amicably between us before he decided to not give me anything back...which was half of the profit made on the house..if that means he makes $30K then I get my $15K.. at moment he is not wanting to give me anything...which is unreasonable for him to expect that. The whole email agreement was started by him and finalized by him..I just did what he asked by going to a lawyer to have it drawn up legal-like and then for him to say forget it I am not giving you anything....of course I should have known what type of person he was after he cruelly dumped two ex-wives.. but everyone thinks "not me"right ..lesson learned.