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billm - Try sending a letter outlining that both you and your ex. agree to this arrangement.

My ex. composed a letter that said something like;

"Find attached a joint letter from my spouse and I, (insert spouses name), setting out the custody and living arrangements of our minor children."

Then he asked me to a sign a letter that said something like;

"(him) and (me), confirm the following child custody and living arrangements for the 2010 tax year.

(him), (me), share equally at their respective residences, the custody and parenting of their minor children, (child A name and SIN #), (child B name and SIN#).

Acknowledged and agreed to this day, (and both of us signed it).

He added some charts and tables with his name and SIN, my name and SIN, and the kids names and SIN. I don't know if that was necessary.

We did this before we had a court order and he did not have trouble with CRA accepting his claim for 1 of the children as a dependent. When we did have a court order, he had trouble, they denied his claim, I signed another a letter for him, he also had to appeal, eventually it got sorted out