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Originally Posted by gettingexpensive View Post
That's too bad about them accepting LTD at face value. As I said, I don't mind helping but I'd like it to be a menu and not a buffet. I'd like to see how the "entitlement" is defined in this case. I'd rather not have her entitled and simply give some contractual spousal support for a few years. ...

I did what I could to get disclosure. Other than a redacted letter from the insurance company... NOTHING. So my ex gets to enjoy extended vacations, sporting events, trips down south while I cover the difference in her loss of income via increased support. There was nothing said, no concerns and the fact that there was a letter from the insurance company was enough. And the words used "it's her money, she is entitled to it..." and who are you to argue with an insurance provider.

My ex can afford to not work her husband is the bread winner and her household income is greater than mine, but in the eyes of the court, that isn't relevant.

I know I sound bitter, but this isn't fair for anybody. And yes, I think the system is very broken.
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