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Default How to proceed with the divorce .

Ok we split 3 years ago the house is sold we split 12 g of debt
She has the kids and she gets support and 200 extra for above board support .
She got all the house hold contents and the van . I only have my stuff clothes tools etc .
She is still using the joint account and credit cards and refuses to remove my name from them . She won't file for the divorce .
So I am going to . One issue left is my omers pension It started 3 years before we split . I had another pension before I met her worth 15 g that was cashed out during the marriage cause we had a financial crisis .
So of course she wants this one now .
My questions are these
One she got all the stuff from the house about 25grand so i asked her to just. Sign off on the divorce and leave me and my pension alone or if she wants it split the stuff .
We are both Broke and I want to be free of her.
Some one told me that because we used my first pension I had before her she doesn't get this one . Is this true ?
The truth is I don't think it's fair I left with nothing but debt can this happen ?
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