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We let our 9 year old stay home from school as mental health days every couple months. We discuss it together and let him know that if he's feeling okay physically but not feeling okay in his head and he needs a day to reset, then he needs to let us know. We are hopeful that him knowing we support him and his education and his mental health will prevent skipping school as a teenager. It also has eliminated fake sick days. The one's where they say they're sick and as soon as school has started, they're running around the house like a psycho. I don't get the whole school is more important than their health and their well being and they must never miss a day unless they're dying. Let them stay home with you sometime and let them see that you support their overall well being and not just their physical presence at school. They may be faking sick days because they legitimately need a day to reset and mom allows it. Unless the amount of sick days are overwhelming and the school is really concerned.
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