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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
CAS if there is an issue will bring the matter before the court and remove the child under the Child and Family Services Act. Every time CAS tells you that the child is not supposed to see the other parent or someone else question why they are not bringing the matter forward to the court so that course of action can be taken.

CAS creates so much unnecessary conflict with "advice" and non-action on files. No CAS worker should give "advice" on access or custody. Unless CAS has an order in hand... They have no authority to instruct any parent to remove access from the other.
this is what I find so odd. When I dealt with CAS_the caseworker who interviewed me said IF I was to go back to my ex- they would intervene and potentially remove the child from my care.

They never gave me advice. They just provided me with resources - and more importantly drilled me on what my plans were in terms of parenting- there was heavy emphasis on "you better not take that child back to the house".
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