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It depends on the conditions of you undertaking.

I am going through the same thing right now - fortunately my undertaking stipilates that my conditions are changeable by order from family court.

When in criminal court, you can try to have that judge reduce some of you conditions. Push that you're just interested in the best interest of the children and willing to accept alternate conditions that may accomplish the desired result (minimize contact between you and ex).

You must be very careful. You may be arrested if you break your conditions. In this respect it does supercede the Access Order.
I would assume your conditions are something along the lines of third party required for access exchange. No direct/indirect contact except for purpose of exchanging child with a third party present. Cannot be in a certain disance of your ex or in her county/town/whatever.

I can't imagine they included a condition about your access times with children. So as long as you meet your conditions - it would seem ridiculous to be told that 'they have been generous' so far.

If need be, file a motion in family court and ask for changes to the access routine that enable you to comply with your undertaking.