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Originally Posted by iona6656 View Post
If your ex is doing the same thing. CRA will hold both your returns until you guys figure something out. My ex did the same thing, changed his return to try to claim the credit. Held up my return and his. We had no order last year. But once I sent in letters showing that he started paying voluntary child support last December- he was disallowed any claims to the eligible dependent credit or UCCBs.

So, it would make more sense for you guys and to work it out amongst yourselves who claims it. Alternating years seem most appropriate.

My ex tried to ask for us to alternate years at our settlement conference and judge said if its not shared custody its not appropriate. I guess it never hurts to ask.
Exactly this. Only one person can claim the eligible dependant, and if you both try to claim and cannot agree, neither parent gets it so just randomly making changes online without discussing and coming to an agreement with the other parent doesn't help anything, it only complicates it, and a lot of the time causes, interruptions to any CCB or child-related payments being received by either party. This in noway benefits the child.
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