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Thank you for your response Calvinfive. Sorry I didnt see this sooner. No, I am not obtaining any of the tax credits or benefits. I am too concerned about bringing up money at the risk of her decreasing time, as my time has slowly increased over time. I am also right at the 40% threshold, so recognize mom still has him a bit more + she uses that money in her calculation of monthly spending, so don't want to impact that at this time.

Mom makes less than I do. I by no means make a lot of money, but I pay her, as she only works part-time. She's never liked to work much lol, and now has moved in with spouse, who makes good money, so he is supporting her and my child. Long story short, she used to work full-time, but lost her job, and since moving in with him, never sought more work, as she does not need to.

As for the rest of your detailed post and perspective, thank you, i appreciate it.
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