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That is what I've been doing, recording telephone calls with her knowledge. But, it hasn't helped because we don't find out she's misbehaved until AFTER the access has ended and damage is done ... we need solutions in real time for it to be effective in order to protect the children from her forked tongue.

We have also had intermitten issues with her speaking to the children while intoxicated, even though we've tried to create a safety plan with the children for these instances, they still don't inform us of these facts until AFTER the access has ended.

Not to mention, we've had court ordered mediation in an effort to remedy our concerns regarding telephone access which she's never attended.

I was expecting the Judge to grant the biological Mother some sort of access, I'd suggested MSN Messenger once a week and he didn't budge. I find that strange because we're encouraging SOME sort of contact and have only asked for supervised access and visitation, I wasn't expecting a lengthy suspension. It's hard on the children to be disconnected from their parents, it's not in their best interest and irrational especially when we're trying to negotiate reasonable contact, not termination!

Alas, maybe it's a reality check the biological mother needs to set her priorities straight in her dealings with her children, a gained appreciation. On the flip side it's regretable that the children also suffer from her actions.

I have a Notice which will be heard Frebruary maybe I'll request MSN again.
If not, I have pre-trial in March, before our hearing in April.