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I have 2 special needs kids. What's the status quo now, who are the children living with and whats the access schedule? Usually a Judge doesn't want to upset that. Child support is the right of the child, so even if you can support them financially you should expect to pay or be paid.

If you were working during the day, and studying at night who was taking care of the children? I assume the children are in some sort of school daycare program while you both worked, but during the evening while you were studying can I assume he was?? I too go to night school, and if I don't hire a helper/sitter no studying is getting done.

As far as stability for your special needs child, a week about schedule for them would be more stable then the EOW 1 day a week schedule or an open schedule (although I have never heard of an open schedule, who would want their ex dropping by all the time) its less transitions for the children. In my experience its the transitions that are difficult for special needs children, they don't cope well with disruptions in their routine, and I believe longer stretches of time in each home alleviates this, so do school/daycare pick up and drop offs. Also key is the daily schedule which is ideal if they can be mirrored in each home (I know easier, said then done) there are agencies out there that can help you.
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