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Originally Posted by youngdad91 View Post
The evidence of this bias is the ample recommendations for moms to have custody being laughed out of the courts and the fathers either being ordered to have sole custody (i.e., workingdad) or joint custody and equal access (lovingfather32 and myself).

It's not hard to tell from their body language when they are clearly against you and siding with the mother. If you're a sharp person, you can quickly grasp that and even further when you meet with them at the disclosure meeting and read their report. They think they are good at appearing impartial but have no idea how much they suck at it.

The OCL has a tendency to recommend sole custody to moms and little access to fathers. They don't seem to really appreciate father's in the life of children and some of them even have issues with men themselves.

How do the lawyers charge for this? I saw the number 24,000 tossed around in this thread...I have a job the mom does not ....

What kinda of formula is the ocl using to charge parents?
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