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Default Change of court proceedings/date without notice???

So I had a medical family emergency that required me to adjourn my case conference. I am self rep and contacted my Ex's lawyer and she agreed that we should have it adjourned. My Ex's lawyer then contacted the court (in Ontario) and got alternate dates. I got a lawyer to submit a 14C 14C adjournment due to family medical emergency. My lawyer got in touch with her lawyer's clerk and said they would also forward a consent 14C adjournment.

I was given a list of dates by email from my Ex's lawyer and we both agreed on one and I was told they would arrange for a new date.

I contacted the court 2 weeks later and found out that the date submitted is a week before the one we agreed to. Also it is a First Appearance date and no longer a case conference (what does that mean???). I also found out they have submitted not paper work yet to the court and it is 76 days since she was sereved. There is no Response to Motion, financial statements, case conference brief or confirmation 14C submitted to the court yet. This is very strange since we only adjourned less then 24hrs prior to the case conference.

Anyone have any ideas on what my Ex's lawyer is doing. I know they may submit all documentation on the day of court but to be so late at it and to even change it from a Case Conference to a First Appearance. What is up with them?

All I am submitting is for CS (motion to change) on a final order (divorce order). I have the kids full time and she never see's them. She is claiming undue hardship due to income (will not work anymore) and illness (provides no proof).