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With my own first hand experience;

I have a shared 50-50 custody regime in place for a number of years. "Our" child is thriving having BOTH parents equally involved in their life in a meaningful way.

Child support is not an issue. Tabled amount of CS is paid. In addition, I provide a home for our child. I am always purchasing clothing, and items that our child requires. Our child is free to bring these items back and forth between the homes. I also pay 100% of dental and I also provide an extended health benefit.

I believe the majority of people are very sincere and desire to be actively involved in their children's lives in a meaningful way. They don't want to be marginalized out of the child's life to a few days a month when they and the child were use to seeing each other every day. How can this be in the child's interest to do so. I don't think payable child support reduction has much to do with it. Shared custody regimes actually cost MORE money.

Ultimately is the child's best interest that will determine the custody regime.