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Default Defining Contempt of Court

A court order changing access was made June 2009. Because the lawyer mis-typed certain parts of the endorsement and it wasn't caught, the court order says the children can't have time with both parents at special times (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years).
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that when one parent suggests different access to the court order and the other parent accepts, then they are in "Contempt of Court". I have tried to have it changed via a "Consent Motion to Change", but the father claims we are not in Contempt of Court.
Contempt of Court = "Any willful disobedience to, or disregard of, a court order ... punishable by fine or imprisonment or both."
The other parent wants me to provide back-up that we are in Contempt of Court when we do that. I also provided a link to Section 31 of The Family Law Act, but it doesn't really define Contempt of Court.
I want to do the right "thing" and have it changed properly for all our sakes, but one parent is being un-cooperative and I can't take him to court over it (I have to get permission from the court).
Any suggestions for other links that legally define Contempt of Court within an Act?